Gold Bug Wake December 2018 Important By-laws change to be discussed and voted on at this meeting. The bylaw change would add a new chairman (Chairman of Dock and Deck Committee) as a elected officer of the club.
Goldbugs Wake November 2018

+REMEMBER No Meeting in November

+Bi-Law Changes Attached In the Wake - Vote to approve at the December Meeting

Goldbugs Wake October 2018

Bylaw Change Vote,Beneficent Group News,Georgetown Wooden Boat Show invitation,Work Party details, and A private member (and guest) turkey shoot, and more

Goldbug's Wake September 2018

Wake, House Rules, and Hurricane Florence Tips attached

Goldbug's Wake August 2018 Spring Fling, BG News, New members, 2018-2019 Club Calendar
Goldbug's Wake July 2018

3 new members, BG News, Board Seat Nominations open

Goldbug's Wake June 2018

BG News, Advisory Panel, Goldbug Wake June 2018

Goldbug’s Wake May 2018 NEXT MEETING MAY 21st @ 7pm The Osprey Trip Is Booked Thursday May 31st At 6:00pm Sharp!
Goldbug Wake April 2018

Annual Spring Fling April 14th ~ Approximately 1:00 to 5:00 pm DUES ARE NOW DUE !

Goldbug Wake March 2018

Spring Fling and Spaghetti and Work Parties available now

Goldbug Wake February 2018 Oyster Roast February 24th 2018 & 2 New Members
Goldbug Wake January 2018

Work Party: 01/27/18 - 9am and Member Oyster Roast: 02/24/18 - 3pm

Goldbug Wake December 2017 Merry Christmas
Goldbug Wake November 2017 Annual Christmas Party , No Meeting in November, Turkey Shoot
Goldbug Wake October 2017 New Members Turkey Shoot coming up
Goldbug Wake September 2017

Proposed Bylaw Changes

Goldbug Wake August 2017

2017-2018 Officers

Goldbug Wake July 2017

The Annual BANQUET Will be August 26th, 2017

Goldbug Wake June 2017 How about the new Sign!
Goldbug Wake May 2017

The annual Spring Fling was held 4/15/17 and it was a huge success.

Goldbug Wake April 2017

Living Shoreline (oyster reef near boat ramp):

Goldbug Wake March 2017

Annual Spring Fling Issue

Goldbug Wake February 2017 Oyster Roast news, Renovation update
Goldbug Wake December 2016 Christ Party update, Turkey shoot update
Goldbug Wake January 2017 Clubhouse Renovation Update. Oyster Roast Update
Goldbug Wake November 2016

Turkey Shoot is starting. All the updates inside.

Goldbug Wake October 2016 Work Party updates for Turkey shoot
Goldbug Wake September 2016 Goldbug wake Turkey shoot update